Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My Life Just Changed …… with KIDZEE

It was six months after I became an Engineering graduate… “only a graduate”… I mean I didn’t enter the corporate society at all. Mine is not a college to corporate story. 
My college life with greatest assets "Friends"

A common question that rises in everybody’s mind is that why I’m not a professional in any firm (since I have done my engineering in Information Science it would be a “software firm ”). And the predictable reasons for it could be that:
·         I wasn’t eligible for the Job
·         I didn’t get a suitable Job
·         Working in a firm was a terror to me
·         My family wasn’t ready to push me into that field
To elaborate on the above mentioned reasons I would say the last two ones are quite appropriate to what made me say NO to that world.
Firstly, it was my family that made me (helped me) decide on whether I should be positive or negative for Software industry. They clearly mentioned the Pros & Cons of the industry which motivated me to lose interest on it. I’m glad they did it!!!! My husband being from the same work background he was a better adviser. My in-laws explained about the stress involved and they never wanted me to undergo all that. I’m damn lucky to have them.
Next, I would say I’m such a dynamic girl, that I can never sit in one place and do something really mechanical. If at all I would have worked in a company I’m sure I wouldn’t stay there more than a month. Except money I really don’t have anything that drags me badly there. And interestingly I’m not after money J.  (I’m really sorry if anybody is offended by this statement. It solely applies to me).
And about the first two points “no comments”…… (doesn’t apply to me as I’m qualified with 80% aggregate). Next is what motivated me to enter a different world.
There was this day when I was going to visit my cousin’s Annual Art and Science Exhibition at her school. I happened to cross a preschool with banners saying “Opening Shortly”. I just looked and liked the place and noticed a small paper note stuck to the gate which said “teachers wanted who are good at communication and preferably graduates”. An instant thought ran in my mind. Why can’t I give a try??? And anyways I was JOBLESS.
I didn’t give an immediate entry I left to my cousin’s school first because that was my priority. While returning I entered the preschool KIDZEE( India’s favorite preschool ) I guess with my right leg first J.

 I was quiet hesitant as I wasn’t prepared for it. It was a spontaneous decision. I walked in and saw all “then new faces”. I greeted them and looked around the place I would say it was just Half ready for a school. Honestly I was thinking whether these people will get this done at least by the start of the academic year (June 2012). They welcomed me with a smile and I guess I was the first person who wanted to inquire about the openings for a teacher’s job. They gave me an overview about the school. It’s from Zee TV group. I was 50% happy that my choice was right. Then they asked me few questions about my interests and started analyzing my capabilities which was quite visible. 
Then they say they don’t actually hire faculty with engineering background. Surprisingly they were impressed by me ( I still don’t know on what basis they offered me this Job) and asked me to get my resume with basic information. I walked out of the place assuring that I would get my resume next day. Unless I came out I seriously don’t know what happened inside. My eyes filled with delight. “I GAVE AN INTERVIEW”. The one which I never thought I would give (I was ready only for an MNC interview). It was bolt from the blue to everyone at home as I informed them about this. They were really happy. I got full support from my family for this as its stress free.
Next day I was all set with my resume and submitted at KIDZEE. They asked to some again on a weekend. My husband accompanied me and showcased me to them that I LOVE KIDS. Yes children are my greatest passion. They too develop a sense of attachment with me in very less time. It has come to me naturally to connect with children. I was asked to join from the very next day. As I had a busy schedule (last week of the year) I told them that I would start working from New year which was round the corner. They gave a nod J …. Yippie!! Was my reaction that I am into something that gives me immense satisfaction. I finally found one that I wanted. And about the pay pack definitely not in corporate figures. I would have joined voluntarily without any remuneration. But they offered me a sum which I was satisfied with.
Jan 2nd 2012 my first day at work with zero idea of what I am actually going to do other than being with kids. Lakshmi Krishna, The center head of the place (KIDZEE Banashankari) wished me “Happy new year” to her new employee (one and only) with a sweet. Hence my new life started with New Year and a sweet as well. We discussed a lot about what my job would be. I learnt what the do’s and don’ts of the school. Since it was a new school there were no children for the 1st 15days, but the place was 90% ready. I would go to work and set few things up there and come back. Later came this training from KIDZEE. A four day training, venue was quite far from my place but I had the practice of travelling to my college that far, it wasn’t a burden for me. Training I met new friends, this time friends not of my age. They were very much elder to me (teacher’s job). But all of them were really good. They didn’t behave elder. All of them were jovial and wonderful to be with.

Coming back to school after my gleeful training had 2 admissions here. Wow!!! I was geared up. We had something called Early Start Programme which is focused on settling the children to the new environment i.e. School. We entertained admissions with age group on the lower end being 1.5 years. Since they are too young it’s quite difficult for them to adapt to a new place far from parents for few hours (sometimes few minutes also). It was the greatest challenge. 

The first thing I did was that I  analyzed the child by making note of the interests of the child and slowly grabbed attention from the child’s side only. This was easy for me as I had very few children. Later a huge number of admissions happened at one. In a week’s time from 2 to 10 admissions and then 20. The transition in the number was blissful on one side that so many have got admitted and fear on the other side whether we are ready for this. Somehow everything happened in a matter of time. All my sweet babies are very well connected to me now. One day I am not there there’s a big chaos created. “Madhu ma’m” is what I am dearly addressed by the children. 
When they see me at school as soon as they enter, I get a warm hug from them which give them a secure feeling that I’ll be with them and gives me happiness. Believe it or not I always keep chanting my kids stories at home. I don’t know if I bore the people who are listening to it. But I enjoy sharing whatever they do. I’ll just go on cloud 9 when the parents say that the child keeps speaking about me (sometimes imitate me). I wouldn’t have got this pleasure of ecstasy at any other work place.  My life has changed a lot. From school to college and then to school again. It’s a lovely experience which is real tough to express.
 It’s an awesome life now.
 Everyday is new!!
Everyday is fresh!!
Everyday is cheerful!!
Everyday is enthusiastic!!!
And I am enjoying it to the core........ 


  1. Awww! Such a beautiful post Maddy. I was waiting for you to write about your KidZee experience since a long time and finally you got the time to write about it. So happy to read about it. :)

    You were always great with children so it isn't a surprise for me that you chose this job, it perfectly suits you. Your friendly and endearing personality makes you very dear to the kids and elders alike.

    I am glad you didn't opt for an IT job because this is where your heart lies and I am happy you are following your heart and enjoying what you are doing. :)

    I wish you all the very best, as always. Stay happy. :)

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  2. Thank u so much bro. I hav seriously fallen in luv wid ma work, more than work itz my pleasure being there and the kind of beloved response i get from the kids fills ma heart wid satisfaction. I would never get a chance to regret about my career being in such a wonderful place and thankz for yo support on this :)